For those of you who have not started your courses yet, you will soon come to find that they do not prepare you for the world of real estate. Your courses cover contracts and legalities. When you pass your exam, the rest is on you. We would like to give you a head start and offer some tips on a few things you should know as a beginner agent.

1.       Make Time for Yourself

Time blocking is a very efficient way to make time for yourself. As a realtor, you may find yourself providing availability to your clients 24/7, working 7 days a week, or accepting calls when you simply do not have time. Your day can easily spring a multitude of tasks upon you that make it seemingly impossible to complete all of them. What can you do? Planning is key. Write a list of tasks that you MUST complete for the following day or week, then start to map out a schedule. For example:

·         Wake up at 5am

·         Review messages from 5:30am-6am

·         Exercise from 6am-7am

·         Breakfast from 7am-745am

·         Showings from 8am-12pm

·         Lunch from 12pm-1pm

·         Free time from 1pm-1:30pm

·         Prospecting from 1:30pm-3:30pm

·         Shopping with Mom from 3:30pm-5pm

You are in charge of your day. It is okay to take the time to tend to your needs and life. When unexpected events arise, you can refer to your schedule to see where you can squeeze it in or cut back on another activity. If you are overwhelmed or unhappy, it will become very difficult to continue with any success. You matter. Take care of yourself.

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2.            Make It About the People

When you begin your real estate journey, you will start to realize that repeat clients are your bread and butter. But how do you ensure your pipeline stays loyal to you? With thousands of agents ready and willing to take on your client, it is vital to CONNECT. Do not make it about the money or just another transaction! Make it about the people. Some of the country’s top producing agents will tell you it is all about helping people. Go above and beyond the call of duty. Those late nights and early mornings of working your tail off will pay off in the end when you see the smile on your clients’ faces as they step into their new home. Reach out to people on their housiversary, birthday, holidays, or big moments in their lives. Show you care. 

You may not even be in the middle of a transaction with a client, but you reach out to say hello, and voila! They are prepared to do business with you. Put in the effort and find your “why.” If it is all about the money, you are in the wrong business.

3.            Social Media Management

Social media can be an amazing addition to your business- IF you use it properly. Ideally, you should be on all the major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These specific apps, in addition to the NextDoor app, will assist you in marketing and brand awareness and help you grow your clientele. With Facebook specifically, it’s important to create a business account. This will allow you to schedule posts, advertise, and track your growth by connecting it with your personal profile. 

When it comes to posting, it is also important to understand what to and what not to publish. There are plenty of obvious things not to post: your address, social security number, complaints about your boss or company, and sexual content. However, many people are unaware of the other no-nos of posting. Never overuse hashtags (a maximum of two is best). Too many hashtags will distract from the message and impair the reach and engagement. What should you post? Show off your personality. After all, clients want to work with someone they can get along with, someone with shared interests. Posting personal videos is a great way to gain engagement. Try making a short video that gives people an insight into your family life or hobbies.


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4.            Lead Generation

There are numerous ways to initiate lead generation —  cold calls, postcards, and door knocking. You can also invest in marketing through social media and other outlets. However, when you are working to keep costs down, there are several ways to generate leads without spending any money. The NextDoor app is a prime example. From this app, you can become a community influencer. It is a social networking platform that connects you directly with the community you live in. The goal is for everyone to know who you are and turn to you for all things real estate. 

NextDoor fosters your relationships with people who may not have otherwise known you. The more active you are on this platform, the better! Discuss community news, recommend local businesses, and foster a connection with them for referrals. You can post your listings for neighbors to see and organize events like open houses (or virtual open houses). These are all things you can utilize to grow your business and make a name for yourself in real estate.

5.            CRM

What is a CRM? This is your Customer Relationship Manager. It is a software where all your leads and contacts are entered. As an agent, a CRM is imperative. Once your contact is input, you can add all their personal details, such as their address, their price range, location, purchase anniversary, kids’ names, and all other details. This will become your sacred software. Refer to it when reaching out to a client, remembering birthdays or faces, and even specific properties your client wishes to see. Include everyone you know- your family members, friends, neighbors, and leads. As your pipeline grows, this will be a vital way to manage your business. 

Take this knowledge and embed it into your life as an agent. Nuggets of information like these take some agents years to learn. We want you to get started the RIGHT way. These are just 5 things we discuss that your courses never covered. With over 100 lessons for you to tackle, you will be prepared to take on the world!

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